The team at Harmony is the best! We called them just needing eight stools for our corporate office. I was concerned that our order would be too small and more of a burden for them. Boy, was I ever surprised. Christine and team showed me a wide array of options in their offices and then even brought them in her car to our location so we can test them out. Their flexibility and knowledge two of my biggest take aways. In the end, we received a great product with a stylish look for a very fair price. I’d recommend Harmony as the go-to shop for seating!

Dave Belyea
Creative Director
Jackrabbit Design

As hospitality designers, we need to pay close attention to how our customers experience and feel the space. Their opinion about the quality of a restaurant depends a lot on the items they have direct contact with ie: placeware and seating.

I like using Harmony because of their experience and their attention to detail. All of which translates into a better experience to the customer. Knowing that the seating will have the proper proportion, style, and durability to withstand heavy usage only helps accentuate that quality we are looking for and I know Harmony shares in this commitment.

Jeff Kabriel
Niemitz Design Group

I have only great things to say about Christine and Harmony Contract.
Harmony Contract is always my first phone call when I have a commercial client who needs furniture.
I know I can count on Christine to present the widest selection of commercial furniture, no matter what the project.

Christine is knowledgeable, responsive, and always listens to what her clients are looking for. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with, making the process easy and streamlined.

In addition, there have been times when I’ve had a demanding client with higher than average expectations. Harmony Contract will always go above and beyond in order to make an end user happy.

SöKA Studio

I have worked with Christine at Harmony on several projects and I have always had a positive experience. Christine and her staff are true professionals in the design community as they are timely, honest, creative and accessible. Christine’s responsiveness is one quality that separates her from others. She is always available by phone, email and she will visit the site as many times as required without question. The end product is why you should choose working with Harmony. When you see the smile on your client’s face when the furniture is installed you know you made the right decision. Harmony is and will continue to be a leader in the design industry.

Robert Buckley
Niemitz Design

To Whom it may Concern,
I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Christine DiStasio and Harmony Contract Furniture. After personally opening ten restaurants I feel qualified to vouch for her work. Christine was strongly recommended by Cafco Construction, which specializes in restaurants, built The Fireplace, and knows the best artisans in the business. My experience with Christine and Harmony far exceeded my expectations.

It was clear the first time we met that Christine is a professional and thoroughly knows her business.

As she inspected our banquettes suggestions were offered as to how we could improve the design to insure durability and comfort. With regard to chairs Christine’s obvious level of taste was evident as she guided me towards furniture that really proved handsome in the restaurant.

Also immediately evident was that she is a sincere person and enjoyable to work with. A sensible estimate was drafted as well as a reasonable timeline to deliver the work.

All deadlines were met and the furniture was expertly tailored to the space. Her crew was friendly and even helped hang some pictures and fixtures. Christine oversaw the work with sleeves rolled up and willing to help move tables and arrange chairs.

I write this testimonial for two reasons. It is the least I can do for Christine after she made my life easier during the stressful time of changing the look of my business. And, I want to help you feel comfortable choosing a partner for your design phase. I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and am happy to provide further information, if required.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Fireplace

When I have an order with Harmony Contract I always have a little less stress in my life because I know my jobs are being taken care of to the absolute highest level. I completely trust Harmony Contract because they have the experience and expertise to deliver the best in quality and style.

Lena Testa
Purchasing Coordinator
Judd Brown Designs

I have worked with Christine on several projects and she has amazed me on every one! Christine is always my first call. Having grown up in the furniture business she understands every aspect of the business –from design and construction, all the way to how the end user will be most comfortable on the furniture. Christine sets herself apart from other vendors with her responsiveness, her ability to problem solve on the fly, and her willingness to go the extra mile to be sure we are getting the best product for our clients!

Katie Bean
Project Manager, Dyer Brown Architects